What Is Group Personal Training? – A Complete Guide

Group personal training (PT) is becoming a more and more popular way to get fit. You get all the benefits & coaching of a one-to-one training session, combined with the best bits of group exercise. Ahead we will go through exactly what group personal training is, how we do it at GWD, how it works, and why it’s for you.

What Is Group Personal Training?

Group personal training is exactly what it sounds like – personal training, but in a group.

At GWD, we offer two types of group training – large group PT (LGPT), and small group PT (SGPT).

Our large group personal training sessions work on a 14-1 basis, whereas SGPT work on a 6-1 basis.

Here we have a centralised programme that all will follow through these sessions. This is a fully programmed and periodised plan designed to improve ALL aspects of health & fitness. Every session is coach led, meaning you are guided through this programme and coached in all elements.

This is when the beauty of coaching comes in. If there is something you can’t do within that day’s session, the coach can adapt and alter that plan to suit you. This is where the benefits of one-to-one and group training really emerge. You are still working as an individual within that group.

Why You Should Choose Group Personal Training At GWD


This is the key in achieving any goals (paired with consistency – which accountability leads to).
It’s a huge part of what we do and why we see so many people get results on a regular basis.

Most that just go to the gym by themselves often lack accountability, they don’t have anyone or anything to answer to. There’re no consequences. If you don’t fancy a session that day and skip it, so what? This is why many don’t reach the goals they set.

Here you will have that thing or person to answer to.

Starting from our booking system to your own assigned accountability coach, to other members who you plan to train alongside and so on.

You are given all the tools you need to remain consistent and therefore, reach your goals.

You are NOT just a number here

You will be treated as an individual by a coaching team that care. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people who are all working towards a similar goal to yourself. Everyone you meet will be welcoming and inviting, from coaches to members.

You will become a valued part of the GWD community.

It’s More Cost Effective

Group PT works out a lot cheaper than one-to-one training sessions. Not only literally cheaper but the value of your membership here is far greater.

In an actual session you will get just as much, if not more coaching than you would in a one-to-one session, from a full team of degree level coaches.

BUT you are not just paying for sessions here, you are paying for coaching.

You will be taken care of when you are not inside the gym. You will have your own accountability coach who will look after you, check in with you regularly and be there to give you what YOU need.

You will be following a proven and scientifically backed training plan, all mapped out for you and then guided through it, you don’t have to do any thinking.

You will get personal nutritional coaching, all based off your goals and what you want to achieve. This in conjunction with our Fit3d scan (our 3D body imaging scan) helps to ensure progress is made.

Plus, so much more!

You’ll Be Joining An Amazing Community

If you are someone that usually finds themselves not enjoying being at the gym, this is the place for you.

You’ll be around others who have had the same past experiences as you and you’ll find your place here.

You’ll learn to enjoy training and you’ll learn just how much you can enjoy coming to the gym.

You’ll make real friendships with other members through training alongside each other to then getting to know each other at regular social events through GWD.

You’ll never be left alone; you’ll have a coach with you the entire time. You’ll be made sure to be working at the right level & intensity for you. This ensures full safety, full progress and full enjoyment!

What’s the difference between group PT and fitness classes?

It’s night and day.

A class is just that, a class. Usually, no link from one to the next which makes it very hard to see any progression. There’s no coaching, just led by an ‘instructor’ which anyone with a certificate can do. It’s like a one-off session over and over.

Group PT is always coach led.

You will ALWAYS have a top-level coach on hand to assist in whatever it is you need. They will ensure you are not only working hard and nailing the session but having a great time doing it.

You’ll be following a fully planned programme. You’ll never have a chucked together session. Everything is methodically planned out, tried and tested. This means no stone will go unturned and EVERYONE will see results, from advanced trainee to first timers in a gym.

Plus, at GWD you’re coached in and out the gym. Your membership here is NOT just the PT sessions, it’s so much more.

As stated previously, a class is simply just that, a class. There nothing more to it.

Your concerns about group personal training, answered

I have an injury; can I train in a group?

Absolutely! In fact, we ensure even when injuries occur, our members can continue to come in and train to the level needed. A lot of the time there’s no need to stop all together, it just takes for tweaks to be made to the plan and we can carry on. We often have members with various injuries, and we tailor the sessions around their needs at any given time.

I’m not fit and have never been in a gym, will I be judged?

In no way will you be judged. Simply, everyone must start somewhere. This is an environment for anyone with this exact question.

We want to change the perception you may have of what a gym can be, this starts from the moment you step foot through our door!

After your first session you’ll already feel all your worries and nerves disappear.

We’ve worked hard to create this environment and community, and that also stems from the amazing members we have at GWD.

I’m Very Nervous, I’ve Never Done Anything Like This…

This is VERY normal.

Most say this exact line when they first start with us, but there’s no need to worry.

You will get everything you need to be made at ease and to settle into your fitness journey.

The coaching team will be on hand when you are in and out of the gym. Any of the team will be there to assist but you will also have your own dedicated accountability coach who will be your own point of contact here. They will look after you.

Outside of the coaching team, we cannot say enough out the community we have here. It’s something you’ll feel within the first 15 minutes of your first session. Our members are so welcoming and know exactly how you are feeling because at one point, they were exactly where you are now.

Group training classes at GWD

We believe our group personal training is exactly what anyone needs to push on with their health & fitness.  

For our members, GWD is a home from home, with a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Everything that makes GWD what it is continues to provide results and our members will only attest to that. 

After joining, most of our members attend 2-3 sessions a week, and our retention rate is above 90%. The industry average is only around 30% retention, so the figures speak for themselves. 

No matter the goal, we can get you there.

Whether you’re brand new to the gym or a seasoned gym goer. Whether you have the goal to lose weight, build some muscle, get fitter & stronger, move better or even compete at in fitness competitions, we are more than equipped to get you there. 

Our facility based in Marston Moretaine (near Bedford and Ampthill) has everything you need to reach those goals. 

From programming, equipment, the coaching team and a community to be a part of. 

Get in touch with us to find out more.

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