I had been training and dieting for a year with varying success, there was no real process to my training, I just ate what I thought was good, then trained and trained. I constantly cut down on food and tried to train harder and harder. Subbing shakes for food, not eating anything significant until after lunch, coffee for breakfast, and poor food at night as I was so tired, hungry and depressed with the results I was getting.

Then I had a chance meeting with Gavin. We had a great conversation, I had tried one way, what did I have to lose?, Well I committed to a few sessions, did a bio sig and took in all the information Gavin was giving me about nutrition. The training was tough, and the plans he gave me were hard but honest with my ability. My weight on the 6th Jan 2014 was 108.6kg with a body fat percentage of about 27%. All I can say is I’m glad I met Gavin, glad I listened to what he told me. As of today I’m 88.3kg with a body fat percentage of 16%. I have achieved more than I ever thought possible with the help of Gavin. He is a great coach and mentor.
— Matt Nicholas

I’ve been training with Gavin for almost a year now, and I’m so happy with the results I’ve had. One of my main goals was to improve my strength and I’ve surprised myself at how much stronger I am, and that by doing weights I won’t look like a body builder! He’s also completely changed my attitude towards nutrition; he’s been able to give sound advice as to what I should be eating and he’s pretty much been on call when I’ve had a query about something. Most importantly for me, he’s dealt with a long held fear that if I don’t spend hours on a cross trainer I’ll gain body fat - so not the case!
— Ashleigh Mcfarland

I started the strong programme in April 2014, at the time I had just returned to work after having my second baby. For me 2014 was a tough year, I found it really hard not being at work and being at home with a tricky little one, it was a very different experience to my first baby. When I started the strong programme I had hoped that I would find my former strong self who was in essence a butt kicking left wing feminist.

The training was the hardest I have ever experienced and definitely uncomfortable at first as I felt outside of my comfort zone. As time went on I felt stronger and fitter, the coaches were motivational, but so were the people I trained with…I have never met a bunch of people so lovely but at the same time so feisty! I began to feel like I belonged to a ‘strong’ community of people who were there to positively support each other.

I had lost weight but I began to plateau and that is when I requested Gav to help me, he was all about the weights and nutrition, and as an emotional eater this was difficult at first as I am quite the chocolate lover! He had the emotional intelligence to know how to advise me so that I could tackle and change small aspects of my diet, but he also had the scientific reasoning. As a result I still enjoy a treat but I am eating much better.

One of the things I have taken from Gavin is that it is not about how much you weigh, it is about your HEALTH. For me both mental and physical health is at the forefront of my priorities. It is about having a strong body and mind so that you have a holistic resilience to tackle whatever life brings at you.

I finally feel happy in my skin and I honestly haven’t felt like that for a very long time.
— Dee

I Decided in January 2012 that at 31 years old I wasn’t as fit as I wanted nor did I have the body that I wanted. I knew I didn’t know anything about training in a gym to improve my health & change my body shape. Gavin had the qualifications & experience I needed to help me achieve my goal of getting fitter, looking & feeling better.

I’m now nine months into training with Gavin three days a week. My programme changes every four weeks and Gavin measures my body fat percentage using callipers every four weeks too. Since I started training with Gavin I’ve dropped a whopping 10.6 % body fat & gained almost 2 stone in weight (muscle mass) Gavin has the know how & drive to motivate me to achieve my goals, he knows when & how hard to push me. My diet is much better too I no longer suffer with migraines & my confidence has improved.

Thank You for helping me change my life for the better!
— Martin Ryan