Small Group Personal Training Near bedford

Our progressive Small-Group Personal Training guarantees results

How can it be personal training, if it’s not one-to-one? Well, we’d all agree that individual coaching gives you the tailored approach and personal attention to help you achieve results faster and in a safer way. But what if you could get the same high-quality coaching and the same focus with the added motivation of a fun class dynamic? Small-group Personal Training is the best of both worlds. And that’s why GWD’s core programme is centred around it and every success story is built on it.

A man cycling on a stationary bike at a gym, focusing on his workout routine.

Scientifically and practically proven

This is no new fad and has been around for over ten years. We have been running this model for the last 6 years and we’ve seen it working every day. Our gym is set up for it. Our team are trained for it. And it’s what we’re known for. If you still have doubts, then come and experience it for yourself. You’ll soon get why it’s the win-win approach for personal training.

Your first step to fitness

Everybody starts their GWD Small Group PT Journey with our 30 day trial. It’s your chance to experience our unique approach to fitness and trial a membership. Whether you decide to train in our gym or online, you’ll get to know us and how we work, before you make a longer commitment. For us, it’s an opportunity to learn about you, your body and your fitness goals. And hopefully, it’s only the start of the journey to greater things.


We would love everybody to able to join us, but we also want to maintain a comfortable, efficient and safe gym environment. We normally release around ten trials a month, so we can keep our capacity to under 250 members.

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Small means small; no groups are larger than six. This way you get the buzz and encouragement of working towards your goals with like-minded members, but your coach is still able to keep tabs on each of you as you train. And everyone starts with a one-to-one evaluation, and each programme is tailored to specific goals and is reviewed regularly.

The long-term solution

Small-group personal training is the sustainable option. To begin with, it’s more cost-effective than one-to-one personal training. Plus, because we run sessions every hour, you’re more likely to find a slot that works for you. All of this adds up to a training regime that you’re more likely to stick at. And that can only be a good thing.

A woman lifting a kettlebell in a gym, showcasing strength and determination in her workout routine.

What our members are saying

My time with GWD has been amazing, I started off not knowing anyone and now i have made real friends in the gym!

I’ve tried flash in the pan programmes before and never lasted longer than 6 weeks. This has been a huge life changer, for a non ‘gym person’. i actually miss it when i don’t train