A Guide To Our Personal Training Sessions in Bedford

We’re GWD Performance, a coaching facility based in Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire near to Bedford. We offer personal training sessions in both larger and smaller groups, using our unique approach to fitness that will get you excited for your next workout.

Our goal is to not only change the perception of what a gym can be, but also to change the perception of what YOU can achieve.

We thrive on Community, results, progress and having a good time achieving all you want to.

We want to ensure everyone here trains with intent & lives with purpose.

How we do things at GWD

We specialise in group personal training (PT). We have offerings across small group personal training (SGPT) 6-1 and large group personal training (LGPT) 14-1.

We also run our beloved team training sessions within our memberships. These are more conditioning based sessions which the whole community gets access to; to supplement the great work they do within their PT sessions.

Nothing at GWD is ever done by accident or by chance here. We plan and prep EVERYTHING.

Our group PT allows for our members to get the benefits of individual 1-1 coaching combined with the fun vibes of a group session.

You will follow a scientifically backed, methodically planned programme. You will never have to walk in a gym again and not know what to do.

Everything you do here will be coach led. You will NEVER be left by yourself and will be guided in and out of the gym.

You’ll get access to our high-level coaching team during sessions, as well as your own dedicated accountability coach who will look after you away from the gym.

We’ve got your back.

Who is GWD for?

Absolutely anyone!

We have members of all abilities, experiences and walks of life. Ages range from as young as 15 to members in their 70s!

We are more than equipped to help anyone reach their goals and we have a wealth of knowledge and experience from working with 100s of people.

If you’re ready to start enjoying fitness and working on improving your health, then we’re the right gym for you.

The benefits of small group personal training

Within our SGPT sessions, you will be working as an individual within a group of up to 6 people maximum.

You will get just as much (if not more) coaching then you would in a 1-1 setting. A big benefit of group personal training is it’s more cost effective, meaning you get way more value for your money. It also means you get to meet and train alongside like-minded people, who will only support and cheer you on.

Everyone is in the same boat here and everyone is pulling in the same direction.

You will be following a programme which has only seen people get results on a consistent and regular basis. Nothing is for show or over the top. Everything is scientifically backed and methodically planned.

Most importantly, you will never be left alone, there’s no more guess work from you. The coach will be there with you every step if the way.

The GWD difference

Our goal is to change the perception of not only what a gym can be, but what YOU can be and what YOU can achieve.

No matter the goal, we can get you there.

We can cater for any experience, any age and any ability.

Our team of world class coaches are more than prepared to deal with whatever is thrown at them.

Longevity is the goal of all we do. We want the work done in the gym to only better life outside of it.

Through regular strength & conditioning training, you will only see improvements in your life.

At the same time, we have a lot of fun! This not only helps with adherence but also means the chance of greater results is higher.

Our members’ success stories speak volumes, showcasing significant weight loss, newfound strength, and boosted confidence. These transformations extend far beyond the gym, reflecting the life-changing impact of our approach.

Why community is important in fitness

Getting involved in a gym community can make a huge difference to your fitness journey. Being around like-minded people offers motivation, support, and a feeling of belonging.

You’ll be surrounded by people who are all working towards a similar goal to yourself. There will always be someone you can talk to, share ideas and troubles with and touch base with (outside of the coaching team).

Seeing a friendly face every time you come to train and being able to just chat and forget about any troubles is not only a great way to increase physical results but also mental.

This is a home from home. A second family.

How to join GWD

The best way to learn what sets GWD apart is to experience it firsthand.

Get in contact or come visit us, have a look around and a chat with one of the coaching team. You’ll feel the unique energy that defines our gym from the moment you walk in. Whether you’re aiming to boost your fitness, build strength, or find your fitness community, we offer a welcoming space to pursue your goals.

Take advantage of our 30-day test drive, where you can meet the team and experience our sessions firsthand. We’ll help reignite your motivation and guide you towards the results you want.

We typically release about ten trial spots each month to maintain our membership capacity.

Ready to get started? Click here to learn more and begin your journey today.

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