Over 50s exercise classes in bedford

Our mature members make great leaps in strength, mobility and resilience

We promise you, age alone is never a barrier to fitness. It’s always possible to achieve the best body you’ve ever had and build a more robust state of health, even after you’re 50. Okay, so you won’t rank as a top athlete, but you can still look and feel incredible, improve your resilience, and build a positive relationship with health and wellbeing.

time to make a change

It’s an all-too-familiar problem: you hit middle age (or earlier), and your clothes start feeling uncomfortably snug, you avoid seeing yourself naked in the mirror, and the things you used to take in your stride become an effort. But this isn’t your signal to despair or resign yourself to a slippery downward slope. Now is the time to draw a line and take control.
Helping someone to turn the tide on their personal fitness is something we get excited about, and we want to instil that same excitement in you. We’re all about results – and if you stick with it, you’ll get them.

will i get pushed too hard?

Never fear, we’ll always create a programme around your precise goals and fitness level. We’ll focus on functional fitness – grown-up fitness, you could call it – which is mainly about mobility and strength. Cardio work plays a big part in this. And you’ll be in the safe hands of our world-class team who will support you every step of the way and monitor your progress at regular intervals.

What our members are saying

GWD have been brilliant! i’ve realised i can do a lot more under their supervision. I did not expect to come to a gym with such a welcoming and warm environment. You feel part of the community