Our dynamic Large-Group Personal Training guarantees results

Large Group Personal Training? But it’s not one-to-one? These classes are higher numbers yes, but they are also high energy and still based around our core fundamentals that all types of GWD personal training are. You still get an extremely high level of coaching and attention from our coaches.

Scientifically and practically proven

The upstairs of our gym is set up nicely for the Large Group Personal Training and is our cheapest option for personal training. if you still have doubts, then come and experience it for yourself. You’ll soon get why it’s the win-win approach for if your on a budget for personal training.
Our Large Group Personal Training classes have space for around 20 people. There’s plenty of space to train with like minded individuals who will help push you towards your goals. And everyone starts with a one-to-one evaluation, and a FIT3D Scan.

Large Group Personal Training is our cheapest personal training option. We want to make world class training and coaching assessable to as many people as possible, which is why we’ve created this option.

The long-term solution

Your first step to fitness

Everybody starts their GWD Large Group PT Journey with our 6 week trial. It’s your chance to experience our unique approach to fitness and trial a membership. Whether you decide to train in our gym or online, you’ll get to know us and how we work, before you make a longer commitment. For us, it’s an opportunity to learn about you, your body and your fitness goals. And hopefully, it’s only the start of the journey to greater things.


We would love everybody to able to join us, but we also want to maintain a comfortable, efficient and safe gym environment. We normally release around ten trials a month, so we can keep our capacity to under 250 members.

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What you get for £97


A one-to-one evaluation session

You’ll receive a body composition analysis on our Fit3D Scanner and full movement screening to help us define your goals and plan your individual programme.

Inclusive personal training and gym access

You’ll get a tailored programme of large-group Personal Training sessions with a dedicated expert accountability coach, along with unlimited access to our classes.

Comprehensive nutrition guidance

You’ll receive comprehensive nutrition advice to complement your fitness programme and help you reach your goals faster.

A full menu of membership benefits

You’ll get the same privileges as a full member, including 18 Large group PT sessions, access to our Team Training classes, and all the benefits of our online community and resources.

Expert coaching for real results

World-class coaching is at the core of the GWD approach. Our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly team of permanent coaches will guide, monitor and support you from day one.

Train in the gym or at home

Your GWD experience can happen wherever you feel most comfortable. You’re always welcome at our Bedford gym, but you can also train from anywhere, by taking part in our online sessions.

What our members are saying

“The guys here have set up a great community here at GWD, It’s not your standard commercial gym"

I’ve never had a good relationship with gyms, but GWD has been absolutely amazing. The coaches actually care and my mental health has improved immensely