How Group Fitness Helps With Motivation

Starting your fitness journey can be intimidating, even if you’re excited to get going. Just going to a gym by yourself is filled with challenges – You have a lack of accountability, you may not know what to do or how to create a programme, you might not feel comfortable doing new things.

This is exactly why group personal training is gaining momentum. It balances a personalised approach to your goals with group camaraderie, as you get both the coach’s expertise with the support of other members sharing similar fitness goals.

What is group fitness and group personal training?

Group fitness involves participating in exercise or workout sessions within a group setting, usually guided by an instructor or personal trainer. These sessions could cover a broad range of activities, including yoga, Pilates, dance, cycling, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and specialized programs like CrossFit. The key aspect is the shared experience, with everyone working towards the common goal of enhancing fitness levels and overall health.

At GWD Performance, group personal training is our core offering. Our group PT sessions are led by an expert coach, who gives personalised advice for each members’ fitness level and goals.

The main thing that sets group personal training apart from other forms of group fitness is that it can be really tailored to individual participants, whereas fitness classes give more general instructions to the group. Group PT sessions are smaller than fitness classes to accommodate for this. Group personal training is exactly what it sounds like – personal training, but in a group.

How group fitness helps you stay motivated

Workouts are more fun

Exercising can get monotonous, especially if you’re doing the same workout every week. With group workouts, you’ll learn to enjoy training and you’ll learn just how much you can enjoy coming to the gym.

Training in a group helps creates a social setting where you can connect with like-minded individuals. Pair this along with top-level coaching and a proven training programme, and you are well on your way to achieving the goals you set out to.

Beyond the gym, group fitness sessions open doors to other social experiences, especially if the gym arranges gatherings and social events. This is something we do A LOT at GWD – our members love connecting both in and out of the gym.

You are kept accountable

You will get this in abundance from the coaching staff, but it reaches way further and will also come from other members.

Community plays a vital role in maintaining motivation and accountability, especially in small group PT settings. Members naturally create a supportive atmosphere, where they encourage one another, share both challenges and successes, and hold each other accountable. This sense of belonging and mutual support is key to why our members remain dedicated to and enjoy their fitness routines.

You have guidance

You’ll never feel lost or confused about what to do next with group fitness, and your coach will give you customised workouts to fit your individual needs and goals. You will be following a proven and scientifically backed training plan, all mapped out for you and then guided through it, so you don’t have to do any thinking.

At GWD, you also get personal nutritional coaching, all based off your goals and what you want to achieve. This in conjunction with our Fit3d scan (our 3D body imaging scan) which helps to ensure progress is made.

With ongoing support and expert guidance, members discover they can achieve goals they once deemed unattainable.

You will follow a proper programme

Training alone in a gym means you’ll probably end up following repetitive routines, not pushing yourself and maybe not working all your muscle groups correctly. With group fitness and particularly group personal training, everything that you will do has been planned and thought out.

You don’t have to think about what you’re doing today at the gym again, as that is taken care of for you. You just have to rock up, listen and have a good time.

Is group fitness right for you?

In short…YES!

Group fitness and group personal training offers a supportive environment where you can connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and celebrate achievements together.

If you’re looking for motivation, accountability and a feeling of community in your workouts, it’s perfect.

Group training classes provide structure and guidance, with coaches leading the way and ensuring proper form and technique.

It also works out a lot cheaper than one-to-one training sessions, and you’ll get way more value from it.

Whether you are a complete novice or are a seasoned gym goer, group fitness is for you.

Group fitness at GWD

At GWD, we offer two types of group training – small group personal training (SGPT) 6-1 and large group personal training (LGPT) 14-1.

Here we have a centralised programme that all will follow through these sessions. This is a fully programmed and periodised plan designed to improve ALL aspects of health & fitness. Every session is coach led, meaning you are guided through this programme and coached in all elements.

Our world-class coaches guide and support you every step of the way, whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or just feel better in yourself.

Our group PT sessions run six days a week, from 6am to 8pm on weekdays and from 7am to 12pm on Saturdays.

When joining, you’ll receive a full body composition analysis on our Fit3D scanner, to help us define your goals and plan your individual programme. Then, you’ll get a tailored programme of group personal training sessions and a dedicated accountability coach. You also get unlimited access to our sessions.

If you are someone that usually finds themselves not enjoying being at the gym or someone who has tried to go by yourself but have seen no results, GWD is the place for you.

Whether you’re looking to get in better shape, build muscle, lose weight, or just feel better within yourself, we can help you.

Ready to get started? Click here to learn more and begin your journey today.

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