NO school sports day?! 🤔

Coach Joe Murphy gives his opinion on the recent news that some local schools are considering cancelling their school sports days, as they fear it may be too damaging to the children.... 🙈

"The school sports day issue really got to me this week! As a kid that played every sport I could when I was younger, sports day was one of the most exciting days of the year!

To think kids may miss out on this because some parents and teachers are scared their kids may get upset at losing is ludicrous.

We should be teaching kids to be humble in victory, and gracious in defeat from an early age. It breeds resilience, humility, and a level headed approach to life. Pretty important things to learn in my eyes.

Imagine an 18 year old who has barely ever experienced failure or victory, when they apply for their first job and don’t get it. What will their approach be? Dust it off, learn from it and move on? Or blame everyone else and give up at the first sight of defeat because they don’t know how to deal with it?

And if the issue is that parents are worried that other kids may tease theirs for losing, then maybe sport isn’t the problem! Maybe it’s the lack of empathy and support the kids have learned from parents and teachers.

If your child can’t support other children like in this video….


Because this video is everything you need to know about why sport and the winning, losing or just taking taking part it brings is so vital to our development as human beings.

If we constantly fear failure, we will never change or grow.

If right now, you're in poor health, have a significant amount of weight to lose or currently live a sedentary lifestyle then a fear of failing will more often than not mean you avoid attempting to make changes altogether.

It's important to think about how long that fear has been holding you back already and how long you are prepared for it to continue?

The path to your finish line is unlikely to be without a few small failures along the way, once you learn to accept that and ride the twists with the turns, the highs with the lows, the more likely you are to reach your goals once and for all!"

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