Monday motivation

As i said on Friday, i was going to tell you exactly how my client Glenn achieved these below results in less than 10 months.


These are pretty astonishing results, even if i do say so myself.

I am very proud of this guy and what he has achieved in the time he has worked with us at GWD Performance.

He came to us having been at the weight on the left for most of his adult life, which was over 10 years at least.

He had tried various diets over the years, stuck to them for a short period of time and then fell off the wagon again.

Then BAM! The weight goes back on.

Another victim of the diet Merry go round, that most guys trying to lose weight fall victim to.

Such a shame, but i see guys repeatedly going through the same shit, over and over!

Weight goes down, weight goes back up..... AND REPEAT.

Until we as a population, stop focussing on the scale weight alone, this will continue to be repeated.

Anyway, i'm going off topic a bit.....

So, how did Glenn achieve these amazing LIFE CHANGING results in a relatively short space of time??

(Bare in mind, he was looking like the guy on the left for over 10 years and we took him to the guy on the right in less than 10 months!)

Well for a start HE WORKED HIS NUTS OFF to get to where he is now!

There is not one person reading this email that couldn't achieve these same results as Glenn.

IF you actually want to.

Most people are not prepared to put the work in and deep down they don't really want it enough to make the changes needed.

Sorry if the truth hurts, but it is the TRUTH.

Piling the fat on is easy, taking it off not so easy.

Glenn obviously made some BIG lifestyle changes which included both Training and Nutrition.

Both of these elements were taken care of by us, so he didn't really have to think of much else apart from turning up and doing the work.

Our job is to provide the tools for our clients and then show them how to use those tools effectively.

Fat loss is our speciality and we know how to get it off quickly and safely.

Being a massive football fan, Glenn was honest with us from day one that he wouldn't completely cut out booze when attending the games.

So we had to work with it and factored that into his nutrition.

Glenn did not live off of green juices and protein shakes during our programme.

He ate nice food that he enjoyed to eat, but he understood how many calories he could have (including the booze).

Understanding calories is a huge factor in losing body fat and something we try to teach all of our clients from day one.

It is is a myth that you have to live like a monk to transform your body.

Another reason/excuse people convince themselves not to do something like this.

Trust me when i say that Glenn had fun during this programme and most definitely DID NOT LIVE LIKE A MONK!

Glenn is also a very busy man with 3 children and a very successful business that he is the MD of.

Time is limited for him and extremely precious.

For many years he had convinced himself (like countless others) that he "just didn't have the spare time to exercise".

For the first 3 months of working with us, Glenn only did 2 exercise sessions per week.

No more.

He still completely transformed his body in that time.


These days, i don't even have to push him to train on his own, as he absolutely loves it.

But at the start of his training, 2 a week was what we agreed on around his schedule.

2 is better than 0 and as a coach it's about working with your client to get them started.

If i'd of pushed him too much at the start and asked for 3-4 sessions a week, he may of resisted and ended up doing absolutely nothing and i would of failed him.

Then once he got properly into it and started enjoying the process and how it was making him look and feel, all of the time he 'didn't have' suddenly appeared and before you know it he's doing extra training sessions without us!

A great sense of achievement for a coach is taking a guy from Hating the thought of exercise, to Hating the thought of no exercise.

Once you get them hooked, your job is easy.

Glenn is an absolute pleasure to train and is far from the finished article.

But from where he has came from, this has been absolutely LIFE CHANGING for him.

This has added years onto his life from the path he was on.

The team at GWD Performance are so happy to of been able to help him on this journey.

Watch this space over the next 6 weeks for how much Glenn has transformed both Physically and Mentally.

It will blow your mind!

We are looking for another Glenn to help in May.

Someone who may have almost given up.

Has talked themselves out of doing this countless times, but knows deep down they need to.

Yes, even the ones who are convinced they don't have the time.

Drop us an email an and we'll set up a quick call to find out if we are the right guys to help you achieve life changing results like Glenn has.

Have a great Monday.