"A good coach will support and guide you to get results much faster than if you work alone."

The simple reason why we deliver results with our clients is because we get them doing the basics CONSISTENTLY.

Over the next few weeks there will be thousands upon thousands of people that start some sort of fitness regime or try to get fit as their New Years resolution.

For the ones that even do anything a huge amount of these guys will fall off of the wagon after only a few weeks, for a few reasons:

1. They have unrealistic expectations - Give yourself time when you start out, you’re not going to undo years of damage in a few weeks. You can however start to feel much better after just a week or so, but give yourself time to see physical changes.

2. They lose motivation - For the reasons above. People give up if they don’t see the scale weight dropping as they think it should. Just remember if your energy levels are going up, you’re sleeping better, feeling much more positive and confident. STICK WITH IT!

Things are obviously going in the right direction.

3. They have no support or guidance - It’s great that they’re trying, but the amount of guys that I see just bumbling along without actually getting the results that they really want is extremely high. Much higher than you would expect for guys that exercise regularly.

Make sure you are following the right type of training and nutrition for the results that you want to achieve.

Running half marathons isn’t going to help you build muscle for instance, but if your goal is to run marathons then RUN FOREST RUN!

An easy way to achieve the results you actually want, is to work with a coach that delivers those results CONSISTENTLY.


There’s no magic formula to what we do.

We have a great understanding of how to help our clients work with their individual lifestyles.

But the thing we do best is keeping our guys motivated and doing the basics CONSISTENTLY.


We give a s**t.

If you finally want to see results in 2018 drop us a message.

Happy New Year.


Gavin DenningComment