Radio star

I was invited onto a local radio station last week to talk about how I got into corporate wellness and what it is I actually do.

Here's the condensed, waffle free version 😬

As a body transformation coach my typical client is a successful business owner who had taken their eye off of the ball.

Not in business, but in their own health.

In focussing so much time into the business, they put themselves 2nd.

When growing a business, most business owners will have gone through this at some point.

I've helped these guys to focus on both their Business AND Health.

Which improved:

* Confidence

* Energy

* Motivation

* Happiness

* Self worth

If you look and feel better, you perform better. It's that's simple.

The impact I had on some of these business owners was so profound, that they brought me IN to their businesses to help their TEAM.

Working with companies is very rewarding as I get to watch lots of people change both physically and mentally. Whist seeing the impact this has on the business.

There you have it, in a nut shell.

If you want to know how I could come in and help your business, please feel free to get in touch at or visit to download our corporate PDF which has more info

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