It's very easy to switch off in December (some of you reading this will have already started to) and go into xmas mode early into the month.

This generally means the diet starts to relax and the activity levels go down and is why it's very easy to put on 7, 10 even 14lbs in that time.

I must have been offered mince pies 10+ times already so far this month (yes i accepted all offers!) and the quality streets are already popping up in the companies that i train.

It's unavoidable at this time of year, but i'm here to tell you that you don't have to give up just yet.


Here's my tips for you to stay on track this year:

1. Take your time with your food, EAT SLOWLY.

If you're like me, you wolf down your food and then before you know it you feel like you're about to pop.

Chew your food and try not to completely load your plate up and then feel like you need to finish it all.

2. Drink loads of water. Even on nights out.

Especially AFTER nights out. Xmas can be boozy and the next day hangover is when your diet might go out of the window!

Drink plenty of water and make sure these cravings are not just dehydration.

3. Try to be active for at least 15 mins a day. EVEN ON NON TRAINING DAYS.

Go for walks, do something to get your HR up.

Check your activity on your smart phone, or better still a Fitbit if you have one.

It's very easy to turn into a little slug over xmas and DO NOTHING!

4. Still exercise!

If you normally do 3 sessions a week, how can you fit them in over xmas? They may not be on your normal days, but you should try and fit them in if you can. Especially if you have a big night out, EARN IT!

5. Don't stress too much!

Enjoy the time with your friends and family, eat, drink and be merry!

You can't do a huge amount of damage in a couple of weeks as long as it's within MODERATION and you get back on it in January.

ALL of my clients will be enjoying themselves, but knowing that they worked for it too.

Have a great Christmas, whatever you do.