Stan doubted it too

Yeah i've heard it loads of times as an online coach.

"How does online training work?"

"I don't think it would work for me"

There's a big difference between personal training and coaching someone.

Wether face to face or online. 

Here's some of the benefits of having an online coach over a regular PT.

"1) You can train at any time that suits you, in any place that suits you. This convenience will save you a lot of time as well as avoid the awkwardness many feel when going to the gym and being surrounded by lots of intimidating, sweaty people who hog all of the equipment!

2) You get much more access to you me than you would as a face to face client. You get my coaching, accountability, training programs and support all week long, not just for one maybe two hours a week that we may be together in a face-to-face environment. This means we can work together on every single aspect of getting you results and seeing you smash your goals.  

I will still be able to check your exercise technique (through my app) to ensure you are doing everything correctly. To make hitting your goals really simple for you, you will benefit from reminders, follow up and support for each training session, every meal and everything you should track. Great online coaching is a one stop shop to get amazing results built around your lifestyle, the time you have available and your unique body and mind .

3) You get all of this at a lower price than working with me face to face. This saves you money while giving you the best possible guidance, service and support.

4) I now have all of my clients using the Myzone HR monitor belt as part of my programmes (Check out the link below) 

This allows me to track every single session that my clients do.

I can see how hard they trained, how many calories they burned and most important how much effort they put in.

I can set challenges and you can see how all of my other clients are doing too, which creates some AWESOME healthy competition. 


This extra level of accountability is a GAME CHANGER and is helping to produce some life changing results!

You'd be surprised what can be achieved when your clients know you're watching ALL THE TIME!

Check out what my client Stan had to say at the half way point of the 12 week programme

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