I think It’s safe to say that everyone, whether they know exactly what it is or not has heard of protein. It’s a word we see everywhere nowadays & it’s one that keeps popping up more and more …

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After recently purchasing a device to track my heart rate variability (the Whoop band if anyone’s wondering), I thought I would go into a little bit of detail as to why I have invested in something to keep track of it. You may have heard of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), or maybe you’ve heard of the “fight or flight” response at least….

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NO school sports day?! 🤔

Coach Joe Murphy gives his opinion on the recent news that some local schools are considering cancelling their school sports days, as they fear it may be too damaging to the children.... 🙈

"The school sports day issue really got to me this week! As a kid that played every sport I could when I was younger, sports day was one of the most exciting days of the year!

To think kids may miss out on this because some parents and teachers are scared their kids may get upset at losing is ludicrous….

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The health & fitness world is an industry in which social media has people believing everybody within it, lives like a saint. Well I can tell you after the Easter weekend that is definitely not true in the real world. I certainly over-indulged on chocolate, and pretty much everybody I have spoken to did the same in some capacity. But, have I beaten myself up about it this week? Well years ago, I might have done just that.

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DON’T Give Up!

It's always sad to hear so many people say things like 

"I'll always be overweight"

"I'm never going to be really fit"

"I'll never get back into those old clothes"

"It's too late for me to change now 


Gina is someone who almost gave up and resided herself to being 'overweight for good' 

After having a baby she found it near on impossible to shift the weight and thought the only thing to do was embrace it and come to terms with it. 

Thankfully she didn't!!

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Life of an M.D?

Given that the initial motivation for someone to start and grow a business is in most cases:

To be your own boss

Make a better life for yourself

Have more time 


It’s pretty ironic that lot’s of MD’s that get in touch with us are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

Covering multiple roles

No time for anything, or anyone but work.

Mega stressed.

With little of the 'freedom' they imagined they would have.

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Marks story

You've probably seen me posting about Mark Garwood MCIWM from Pro-Lifting UK Ltd over the last few months.


He's had an INCREDIBLE life changing experience since he started working with us and is a credit to himself, his family AND his business.


He's had a complete turnaround from when i first met him and now realises that you can focus on your health AND business at the same time.

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"A good coach will support and guide you to get results much faster than if you work alone."

The simple reason why we deliver results with our clients is because we get them doing the basics CONSISTENTLY.

Over the next few weeks there will be thousands upon thousands of people that start some sort of fitness regime or try to get fit as their New Years resolution.

For the ones that even do anything a huge amount of these guys will fall off of the wagon after only a few weeks, for a few reasons...

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