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Reasons to invest in Corporate Wellness

  • Improve company profile and external reputation
  • Boost acquisition and retention of quality staff
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Create a culture of wellbeing
  • Improve employee health status
  • Increase staff morale by feeling invested in and valued
  • Improve energy levels throughout the business
  • Reduction in sick leave and absenteeism
  • Enhanced staff loyalty
  • Reduction in recruitment costs

You will attract the best employees and be an attractive company to work for. The company will benefit too: healthy employees are more motivated and less prone to long-term sickness, have low staff turnover and improved morale all round. Recruitment is easier when companies are known to care for their staff.



  • Training 

  • Nutrition

  • One to one & group coaching

  • Private group webinars

  • PLUS much more

Download the GWD Corporate Wellness PDF

I have seen a huge positive impact in my team since Gavin has started working with us at Drywall Solutions Ltd. There is a real buzz in the office, and you can see a real difference in the guys that are taking part.

Everyone seems to be making wiser choices on the food front, and we now have a larger amount of the office that are taking part in some form of exercise. Everyone seems more energetic, happier and healthier, and i’m really pleased that i made the choice to bring Gavin in to help the team. I’ve have
been working with Gavin myself for over a year, so i was sure it would be a success for him to come in and work with my team. I would recommend the GWD Performance corporate wellness programme to any business that is looking to improve their productivity, performance, efficiency, and most
important health and well-being.
— Emilio Meola - Owner of Drywall Solutions Ltd
Since Gavin of GWD Performance came into our company with his corporate wellness programme, has helped me become more confident in the gym, understand the importance of eating the right foods and introduced me to leading a healthy lifestyle. The results I have got have been far better than I ever expected, losing inches and toning in places that I have always previously struggled with. One thing I really liked was the personal training app which provided videos showing how to lift weights correctly and the training plan provided as I have never had that structure before. The results I had were better than expected, I feel more body confident and feel better within myself. This has improved both my work and personal life, I have so much more energy throughout the day now. I have found the experience engaging and motivating and Gavin is always around to assist with any queries or problems we have.

I would recommend the GWD Performance corporate wellness programme to any business that intends to help improve the lifestyle and health of their employees.
— Molly Randell - Jessella
I have been working with Gavin and the GWD Performance team for about 14 months now. In that time I have seen some big physical and mental changes in myself and this has had a positive impact both in me and my business also. Gavin is now
working with the directors of my company, and we have no doubt that this will have be a successful venture for both our personal and business growth
— Ashley Hawkes - Control Print Solutions


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