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I offer various one to one personal training packages. Want to train as a 2, 3 or 4? Enquire for pricing options.

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BioSignature Modulation is a cutting-edge, non-invasive fat loss and wellness program developed by world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin.

The STRONG Programme

I also run THE STRONG PROGRAMME, along with fellow coach Sacha Harding. #STRONGPROGRAMME is a modified High Intensity Strong man training system designed to shred body fat & increase fitness dramatically. 

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I started training with Gav towards the end of October 2016 at a point in my life when I was the biggest i had ever been. My main aim was to lose weight, get fitter and stronger. I have trained on and off in the past and have lost a lot of weight but almost every time I have put it straight back on. Having trained with Gav now for the past 9 months he has helped me understand just how important it is to manage my nutrition alongside my training programme. Gav has provided me with some brilliant advice on how to manage this and I can honestly say that I eat more now then I ever did in the past and subsequently I am able to train harder to achieve the results that I am looking for. Gav has provided me with a bespoke training regime to suit my needs and busy lifestyle.

Being a father of 3 and a business owner I had always struggled to keep up with a training regime. However, I now feel completely energised due to training with Gav and this has allowed be to become more focussed at work and still have the energy to run around after 3 kids! I am at the point now where i actually feel lethargic if don’t train and eat well. I started on Gav’s 90 day transformation programme and i very quickly noticed the changes to my body shape and size as did others.

I continued to train with Gav after this programme had ended and I can honestly say that this will now be a regular part of my life going forwards. Gav is a great coach and has also become a good friend and golfing buddy - cheers mate!
— Ronnie Chotai

After being on several gimmick diets over the past few years without any success, I decided that I needed professional help in losing weight. I contact Gavin and GWD performance back in October last year. After a detailed phone call from him I quickly realised it wasn’t going to be a quick fix solution but instead a life style change.

At the time I was also battling mood swings, lack of sleep and no energy due to being highly stressed. After my initial consultation, Gavin made me a bespoke diet plan along with a detailed training plan. I was re taught that eating good food meant that I was actually eating more food than ever before - something on these crazy diets I’d followed before was totally the opposite! Over the next few weeks training got intense but enjoyable.

Each session became more addictive as I became stronger and fitter. Food became like second nature to me. My mood swings were becoming controllable, no more insomnia at night and my general wellbeing improved. After following the plan for a few months( which was changed every few weeks so not to get bored) I’ve lost a lot of body fat, gained muscle, and started feeling good about myself again.

The whole process started becoming second nature to me. 9 months into the program, I’m feeling more active, have a better understanding about nutrition and the most important thing... I still enjoy the process. This has changed my life. I can’t thank the team enough at GWD for what they helped me through. Thanks Gav and Kyle and i look forward to continuing my future with you guys
— Simon Humphrey